3.1 x 75mm Ring Electro Galvanised Pack of 2200 Nails & 2 Gas Cells

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3.1 x 75mm Electro Galvanized Pack of 2200 Nails & 2 Gas Cells

For Use in

Paslode IM350 Impulse Framing Nailer

Makita GN900 Gas Framing Nailer

Hilti, Bostitch, Montana, Senco, BeA, Hikoki, Tjep Gas Nailers

(Not suitable for Paslode IM360ci)


Full Size Strips of 40 Nails

Gold Coated Passivation for optimum Galv Durability

Heavy Duty Ring Shank for maximum withdrawal resistance

Coated with a thick layer of easi-drive resin for increased penetration and holding power

Gas Cells

Guaranteed top quality gas cells

Work perfectly in Paslode IM350 + and other leading Gas Nail Guns

Over 1200 shots per cell

Extended shelf Life

Temperature Range -4 to +49 degrees Celsius

Contains top grade Mobil fully synthetic lubrication oil

Transportation safety cap

Carry Pack

Bulldog Nail Fuel Packs are re-sealable and have a strong carry handle for ease of transportation around the most inaccessible sites

Common Uses

Roofing Fencing (HD Galv and SS have greater rust resistance)


Decking (HD Galv and SS have greater rust resistance)

Portable Buildings

Product Features

With Gas
Nail Size: