2.8 x 50mm Ring Electro Galvanised Pack of 3300 Nails & 3 Gas Cells

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2.8 x 50mm Electro Galvanised Pack of 3300 Nails & 3 Gas Cells


Full Size Strips of 40 Nails

Gold Coated Passivation for optimum Galv Durability

Heavy Duty Ring Shank for maximum withdrawal resistance

Coated with a thick layer of easi-drive resin for increased penetration and holding power

Gas Cells

Guaranteed top quality gas cells

Work perfectly in Paslode IM350 + and other leading Gas Nail Guns

Over 1200 shots per cell

Extended shelf Life Temperature Range -4 to +49 degrees Celsius

Contains top grade Mobil fully synthetic lubrication oil

Transportation safety cap

Carry Pack

Bulldog Nail Fuel Packs are re-sealable and have a strong carry handle for ease of transportation around the most inaccessible sites.

Common Uses

  • Plywood cladding / sheathing
  • Sub Flooring

Product Features

With Gas
Nail Size: